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Cant change Dazzle Logo


  • tobetobe15 started the conversation

    Hey Guys,

    thanks for this beautiful dazzle theme. I am about 90 percent done on my site, but one major thing is not working for me. Iam working with the  "one page + video banner" option and i cant change the dazzle logo on my landing page. As soon as you go to one of my portfolios items it switches to the desired logo, in the footer the logo is fine as well. Thanks for your help,


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    Madalin replied

    Hi Tobias,

    Apologies for my late reply. 

    The problem with the logo is that for certain pages it can be set individually, from the on-page options located under the page builder(while working on the page in the backend). 

    From what I can see, you already figured it out. 

    If there's anything else I could help with, just let me know!

    Thank you!