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WP Bakery Changing Colors of Content Elements


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    Therese started the conversation

    Happy Holidays!

    I am looking to override the default color options on a few WP Bakery content elements: toggle icon in FAQ, Hover button in the Hover box, and Call to Action button. I need to change the default blue color to #005e85, default purple to #662656, and default green to #9a9528. Can you tell me how to do this easily with CSS  or is there a way to do this another way? I thought perhaps there might an option under the WP Bakery Page Builder Settings in the dashboard. But I do not show a WP Bakery Page Builder Settings -> Design Options tab nor a WP Bakery Page Builder Settings -> Custom CSS tab.

    Below are 3 pages that are using the default colors that we are looking to change:

    FAQ icons - https://pranayogacenter.com/infrared/

    FAQ icons - https://pranayogacenter.com/yoga-programs/meditation/

    Hover buttons in Hover box - https://pranayogacenter.com

    Call to Action button -https://pranayogacenter.com/yoga-programs/heart-of-yoga/

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    Madalin replied


    Happy New Year!

    Absolutely, you could use CSS to change the default colors. Here it is. Add inside Appearance->Theme Options->Styling: Custom CSS box:

    html .vc_toggle_color_blue .vc_toggle_icon {
        background-color: #005e85;
    html .vc_toggle_color_blue .vc_toggle_title:hover .vc_toggle_icon {
        background-color: #008ac3;
    html .vc_btn3.vc_btn3-color-blue, .vc_btn3.vc_btn3-color-blue.vc_btn3-style-flat {
       background-color: #005e85
    html .vc_btn3.vc_btn3-color-blue.vc_btn3-style-flat:focus, 
    html .vc_btn3.vc_btn3-color-blue.vc_btn3-style-flat:hover, 
    html .vc_btn3.vc_btn3-color-blue:focus, .vc_btn3.vc_btn3-color-blue:hover {
        background-color: #0084bb;

    I could not located the purple and green buttons on the pages, though. 


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    Therese replied

    Thank you! Works great.

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    Madalin replied

    Glad to hear it, Therese!

    If there's anything else I could help with, just let me know!