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  • FlexiconBV started the conversation

    Hi there,

    We bought and installed the patti theme, but it says we have to activate the licenses for the plugins.

    Can you help us out?

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    Madalin replied


    The short answer is that you don`t have to activate the plugins. They`re 100% functional as is.

    Visual Composer is a premium plugin which can be automatically updated via a purchase code(not the theme purchase code, but the plugin purchase code). You don`t have to buy it, because you earned your right to use it for free, within my theme. Same thing for RevolutionSlider and Templatera addon. 

    However, you`re not able to make automatic updates of the plugin, because it requires a licence key, which can be obtained only by purchasing it. You don`t have to, because plugin updates are managed by me, with each theme update, before ensuring that the new version is working fine with the theme. That`s how things work.

    The word "Activate" is just a marketing move. What you get for Visual Composer, for example, is just the possibility to automatically update the plugin, but that`s not the case here since I`m already doing it via theme updates.


  • FlexiconBV replied

    Thats great to hear,

    so we just have to ignore the license and update warnings?



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    Madalin replied

    Yep. Just ignore those nags. 

    Have a great day!